North Central PA PREP Region consists of six counties: McKean, Potter, Elk, Cameron, Jefferson, and Clearfield

Under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Partnership for Regional Economic Performance initiative, economic development service providers in the North Central region of Pennsylvania (Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean and Potter counties) formalized a long history of partnering and sharing capacity and services to create the North Central Partnership for Regional Economic Performance or North Central PREP.

The process began with recognizing the talents and capacity of each of partners in the region. Each partner shared their individual toolbox and collectively identified the strengths and gaps within the partnership’s service continuum. Together, the partnership identified the priorities of the region’s businesses and matched them to the services currently provided by the group. As similar services were identified, the group discussed how to complement them, thus eliminating duplication. The group collectively developed Vision, Mission and Core Value Statements as a means to reinforce their commitment.

Vision Statement
The North Central Pennsylvania Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (North Central PREP) will be recognized and respected as a premier economic development collaborative by providing a full range of first-class services to aspiring entrepreneurs, new start-ups and existing businesses in our region.

Mission Statement
The North Central Pennsylvania Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (North Central PREP) will exceed the expectations of our business customers by listening with interest and empathy to their concerns and then acting expeditiously on their behalf.

Statement of Core Values
Our primary goal is to ensure that the customer is at the center of our regional economic development system. To accomplish this, the North Central PREP will:

• Foster professional relationships based on ethical practices, accountability, and mutual respect.
• Develop innovative solutions to the region’s challenges.
• Serve the region through a collaborative commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction.

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Regional PREP Contact
Eric Bridges
Executive Director
North Central Regional PA Commission
49 Ridgmont Drive
Ridgway, PA 15853